Best Sleeping Sofa for Heavy People

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Top Best Sleeping Sofa for Heavy People

Sleeping sofas are the best item that you can have in your lounge. They are soft, smooth, and great for sitting long and enjoying your TV shows. One of the best things in these sofas is that they are significantly strong, which allows them to be used for heavily weighted peoples too. We have a list of the best sleeping sofa for heavy people which will practically kill your tiredness and provide you the best relaxation at your home.

After getting through this article, you will have a good idea of what to look and the necessary information about some leading options. This guide will surely help you to get the best Sleeper Sofa for your home.

Top Best Sleeping Sofa for Heavy People

To provide you the best product, we have done in-depth research into all popular sofa brands and models currently on the market. We mainly looked at those that are the best for the heavy person.

Homelegance Resonance
Black Sectional Sofa Sleeper
MorriSofa Everly
Homelegance Chai 91
Grayson Micro-fabric Sofa
FLIEKS Brown Leather
Westfield Futon Frame

The complete guide will explain to you every sofa from different manufacturers, so you can get the one which meets your needs, budget and other requirements.

So, let’s get started!

1.Homelegance Resonance – The best sofa for a heavy person

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Homelegance Resonance – The best sofa for a heavy person

This is an elegant, comfortable sofa with a lot of strength and amazing features. The bonded leather gives a great look, is easy to clean, and is much comfortable. The reclining function is quite easy to operate, plus it has a convenient release mechanism to provide you the best suitable position without any effort. An outstanding feature of the recliner is that it does not need much space. That makes it an ideal sofa for you if you have a small area in your home.


To provide you the best comfortable position without any effort. An outstanding feature of the recliner is that it does not need much space. That makes it an ideal sofa for you if you have a small area in your home correctly.

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It also has a corner wedge on which will convert the sofa into a sectional arrangement. The quality foam is made of high-density for additional comfort and durability.


  • Stylish, elegant design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to adjust the recliner
  • High-quality density foam


  • The center scene does not recline

Maybe a bit small for some people

2.JULYFOX J617 – The long and stylish sofa

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JULYFOX J617 – The long and stylish sofa

Are you looking for a sturdy and robust sofa with a great look? Consider JulyFox Sectional Sofa as it is merely beautiful furniture. This sofa can hold weights up to 900 pounds so mainly is solidly built and can allow a heavy person with ease.

JulyFox is amazingly established and makes several quality furniture items around the world. This sofa has a 115-inch futon design along with three divisions and L shape design, which makes it a long and multi-user sofa. Further, it’s ha shiny black look that spreads elegance.

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It is very comfortable as well as highly durable, which makes it last for longer years. The strong wooden frame and wooden legs give it strength and durability. The design of this sofa is extremely flexible, as you can change it from a couch to a sleeper futon in a quick time. What’s more, the back can recline, and you can set any of the three positions.

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Put it to your lounge, offices, living rooms; it’s all set to be used in multiple places without needing complicated assembly and tools.


  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Space-saving / L Shape design
  • Can hold weight up to 900 pounds
  • button-tufted
  • Can be set to 3 different positions


  • Minimum consumer feedback


3.MorriSofa Everly – Great designed sofa for heavy person

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MorriSofa Everly – Great designed sofa for heavy person

MorriSofa is a well-known manufacturer that is loved by many consumers. Well, this is a highly versatile model that is comfortable and looks great. It has a very high rating by the owners.

The top of the seat is made from memory foam for outstanding comfort. The lay-flat mechanism is quite easy to use plus will let you stretch out and relax in peace. Separately, Pocketed Coil Seats extends the support and comfort. Giving yet more convenience is the leg support from the full chaise footrest.

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MorriSofa Everly is 90 inches wide, 40.5 inches tall, and can hold up to 300 pounds per seat all because of this heavy-duty reclining mechanism. It has a sturdy fabric that is easy to clean 100% polyester. That makes it comfortable and durable.


  • Lay flat feature gives great comfort
  • Easy to use the mechanism
  • Excellent 300 pounds per seat weight capacity
  • Comfortable and high quality 100% polyester fabric
  • Separate pocketed coil seats


  • A bit expensive

4.Homelegance Chair – Best comfortable sofa

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Homelegance Chai – Best comfortable sofa

The Homelegance is a well-organized furniture supplier that delivers high-quality products. The Chai double reclining sofa is finished in a smooth and durable polished microfiber. The dual-tone blend of dark brown plus brown provides it a stylish, luxurious look. It’s made from sumptuous silk fabric and is well-padded for exceptional comfort.


The sofa has two ends with a love seat in the center. Its overstuffed headrests plus armrests further add to the support and relaxed experience. This sofa has a strong seat frame made from sturdy wood, and it can allow weights up to 900 pounds, which is simply exceptional.

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The sofa’s side sections can be reclined separately, and a glider mechanism makes this process smooth and easy. What’s more, its lever on the side lets you recline the seat very comfortably. They can recline entirely so you can get the best comfort and relaxation.


  • Microfiber polished with high quality
  • Silky and comfortable
  • Has a large space
  • Sections recline independently


  • A bit large for some areas

5.Lifestyle Solutions Grayson – Best affordable sofa

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Lifestyle Solutions Grayson – Best affordable sofa

The Lifestyle Solutions brings an elegant sofa for you that is good looking and incredibly affordable. The manufacturer is experienced in sofa manufacturing plus has the right name for producing high-quality products at affordable prices.

The sofa is made from a sturdy wooden frame and wooden legs. It is upholstered in a 100% pure Polyester Microfiber. The sofa is great for both sitting and sleeping. What’s more, it has a superb foam that goes back to its original shape after use. So, no worry if you are a heavy person. This is one of our top picks as the best sleeping sofa for heavy people. 

The sinuous individual wire spring makes the structure yet more comfortable. The springs work so effectively with the quality foam for a relaxed experience.

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The sofa can hold up to 790lbs of weight. It is quite easy to set it up, plus no tools are required to make it ready to use. The thing which we liked on this sofa is its interactive rolled arms and its tufted rear cushions, which are finely tailored.


  • Great value for money
  • Stylish looks
  • Durable wooden frame and legs
  • Premium high-density foam


  • A bit small, but not much

6.FLIEKS – Best retro-style sofa

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FLIEKS – Best retro-style sofa

Here comes an incredible chic model from FLIEKS. It is a classy retro leather looking sofa that adds some beauty to your home. Further, this sofa is a large and comfortable that gives a classy and attractive leather look.

FLIEKS is a large and impressive sofa that is all set to attract everyone towards it. The padding of this sofa is thick comfortable foam, plus the tufted fabrics seem like real leather without the expense and maintenance. Also, the nail heads and fine stitching gives classic beauty to the sofa.

It is a strong and durable and is all set to allow 900lbs of weight. The sofa frame is made from well-built quality wood and steel for added strength. Its seat reclines by 160 degrees for great comfortable sitting or sleeping.

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The recliner mechanism is situated on the side of it and is simple to operate the lever. Also, its quick pull function can put you in the desired position in a quick time. It also has a foot extension for even more comfort. Well, one thing you must know is that this model has only one seat reclines.


  • Elegant retro leather look
  • 900lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Overstuffed for more comfort
  • The recliner mechanism is easy to use that reclines by 160-degrees


  • The only single seat reclines.

7.Nirvana Futons Westfield – Best futon style sofa

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Nirvana Futons Westfield – Best futon style sofa

The Nirvana Futons is a classic best sleeping sofa for heavy people that works great as either a sofa or a futon bed. Two people can comfortably sleep in the futon mode with a weight of up to 500lbs. The sofa is constructed with durable solid hardwood. Further, the wood is sustainably obtained, which makes it echo-friendly furniture.

Since this product is the futon base only, therefore the mattress has to be purchased separately.


Owners considered it has a comfortable, durable, and well made. The frame is durable; it has an anti-slip mechanism that protects you from slipping. The sofa is comparatively compact; however, you will need a bit of space to use it in the bed position.

The sofa has a stylish look and is very simple to convert from a couch to a futon bed. The complete sofa structure is made with high-quality materials, excellent manufacturing, and an elegant, classy finish. 

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  • Good value
  • Flexible
  • Solid, durable hardwood
  • Sustainable hardwoods are Eco-friendly


What to look at the Best Sleeping Sofa for Heavy People?

There are many essential things that you need to know before choosing the final product. Since you are not only going to purchase a sofa, but also a sofa that meets your requirements, therefore you need to keep several things in your mind to obtain the best sleeping sofa among all.

Here are some of the things that you should look into each product


How can you suppose to purchase a sofa without knowing its size? If you do so, you’ll end up getting the wrong product for you. The size of the sofa matters a lot because it has to hold particular people in it, and it also has to be ideally sized so that you can put it into your desired place.

Large sofas are high if you want more people to relax with you, but for making this possible, you must have enough space in your home office to put it there quickly.

So, don’t ignore the size of the sofa!


The fabric quality is crucial for many reasons. The first is that the better it is, the better it will look good. The FLIEKS leather couch fabric has a very classy look. It provides it a great elegant and sophisticated look.

High-quality fabric is also durable and easy to clean. It’s also essential that the material is soft, and the JulyFox sofa is one of the better products in this category.

Max weight capacity

You are looking for a sofa that can allow heavy people, so you shouldn’t ignore checking the weight capacity of the sofa that you are going to purchase.

The entire list consists of sofa’s that can handle a lot of weight. But you still have to check the weight capacity of the particular product that you want to purchase.

So, don’t ignore this point!

Ability to recline

The sofa must recline to provide you the maximum comfort. Some sofa can only recline in sections while others in other models the entire sofa reclines. Also, some products can recline to a greater extent than others. The MorriSofa Everly is excellent for providing a fully flat position for better relaxation.

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