Best Robotic Pool Cleaner 2020

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Best Robotic Pool Cleaner 2020

You have a pool in your place, it’s dirty, and you want to clean it, then you surely need the best robotic pool cleaner 2020!. They are outstanding machines that use almost no effort from humans and keeps your water clear and make your pool like seen on the TV.

Whether you have a small, medium, or large pool, a cleaner machine will efficiently clean dirt and debris from your swimming pool. Thus, giving you a clean pool without needing any effort.

Pool cleaners are very easy to use, plus they are not so large and nor very weighted. You can easily use them in your pools at any time.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Aquabot ABREIQ Breeze
Aquabot X4 In-Ground
Hayward RC9
TigerShark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner

What are Robotic Pool Cleaners?

A robotic pool cleaner or an automatic pool cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that aims to collect debris and sediment from swimming pools without needing a human effort. They are generally operated with efficient electric motors that use very little energy to create suction and give the power to propel them. What’s more, Filters make sure that clean water is circulated into back into the pool.


Some electric pool cleaners are even smarter; they can do the job more efficiently without making noise and other problems.

Unlike the traditional methods, the electrical pool cleaners are self-working. All you need is to put them into the pool, power up the buttons, and that’s it. They are all set to clean every unwanted garbage out of your swimming pool.

Top Best Robotic Pool Cleaner 2020:

After knowing the great benefits of pool cleaners, you are now all set to check out the best of them. Here is the list of top best pool cleaner, check them all, learn all of their features, and choose the best one for you!

1.Dolphin Premier In-ground Robotic Pool Cleaner – Best of All

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Dolphin Premier In-ground Robotic Pool Cleaner – Best of All

The Dolphin Premier Robotic is no doubt one of the superb electrical pool cleaners for you. Wait wait, not only does it clean your pools, but it even climbs the walls and clean those as well. Its intelligent technology keeps track of its position to increase pool cleanliness.


The device comes with three cleaning accessories; an extra-large leaf bag, a standard cartridge for a pool, plus a micro-filter, which is excellent for keeping your pools at their highest level of cleanliness.

The Dolphin Premier also comes with a smart control with a weekly timer, that means you tell it to clean your pool today or at another day. It also includes a tangle-free swivel that makes cleanup more comfortable and more convenient than ever.

This pool cleaner is simply one of the best! However, a high price is also a thing that you should look at this machine.

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  • Cleans walls & floors
  • Several cleanings function
  • Smart control
  • Smart, tangle-free swivel


  • Costly

2.Polaris F9450 Robotic Pool Vacuum

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Polaris F9450 Robotic Pool Vacuum – The Runner-Up

At first glance, Polaris F9450 looks like a remote-control super sports car. It is just like an efficient robotic car that cleans your pools in a reasonable time. It has a powerful vacuum, which is four times as effective as those similar models, providing you a garbage-free pool in less duration.

This machine is also capable of cleaning both the walls and bottom of the pool, which means you won’t have to do the extra work with your hands. One of its best features is its waterline-only mode, which runs this cleaner along the waterline, which is very difficult to achieve the task for many other robotic pool cleaners.


The Polaris is a smart programmable machine; you can set it on a seven-day cycle so that it can clean your pool at different times in a week. Overall, it’s a handy device for private and public swimming pools. This is the best choice of online home life as the best robotic pool cleaner 2020.

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  • Quick cleaning
  • Cleans walls & floors
  • Seven-day programmable cycle
  • Water-line only mode


  • Not so efficient for cleaning fine dirt

3.Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner – Best Value

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Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner – Best Value

Another Dolphin product is ready to catch your attention. This one is one of the more accessible pool cleaners among all. It doesn’t need a hose plus can be attached to any standard outlet. However, it may take more than a single cycle to clean your pool.

But most of the users are happy with two or three consecutive cycles; single usually isn’t enough for a complete cleanup.

Dolphin cleaner is efficient in cleaning both walls and floors of your pools. It has three settings so you can program it to work every day, every second day, or every 3rd day.

If you wish to get the best deal, this one would be one of the most excellent pool cleaners for you.

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  • Easy to use
  • Two years warranty
  • Cleans walls & floors
  • Average price


  • Sometimes needs multiple cycles.

4.Aquabot Breeze IQ Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Aquabot Breeze IQ Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Aquabot Breeze IQ can be your next pool cleaner because of its lightweight price. Well, it can clean the floors of your pools, but also includes a track that lets it climb the walls to clean them as well.

It also includes a 60-foot cable, which makes it 10 feet longer than of the other cleaners. Aquabot also manufactures some of the best filters today, with small pores, which is small enough to collect dust, pollen, dander, and even some bacteria; that makes it a hygienic pool cleaner, which is all you need!

It has a timer setting for 1.5- or 2-hours shutoff. Also, it is considered as a tremendous energy-efficient pool cleaner.

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  • Cleans floors & walls
  • Long cables
  • Multi-functioning/ efficient filters


  • Cord usually tangles

5.Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Vac

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Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Vac

The Aquabot X4 gives you two significant benefits, a reasonable price, and better quality. If you don’t want to spend a considerable amount on the cleaners, then this device is best for you as it costs less.


The unit comes with a single, extra-large cartridge that you can remove from the machine for quick cleaning. It also includes an automatic pool mapping that observes the shape of the pool and cleans it efficiently. It is ideal for different shaped pools, so no need to worry about the pool sizes! One of the best as the robotic pool cleaner 2020.

Its 4-wheel drive and micro-brushes give total cleaning coverage even on the walls.

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  • Automatic pool mapping
  • Huge cartridge
  • Four-wheel drive


  • Faces difficulties with 90-degree walls




6.Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Hayward Robotic Pool Vacuum provides quick pool cleaning with decent performance at a reasonable price. It uses a smart steering system to keep track of where it’s been to help it know where it needs to go next. That’s cool, as you won’t need to put it in different directions like a toy!

The unit comes with a natural filter cartridge access; it has two smaller cartridges that are removable and easy to clean. In contrast to most of the other robotic pool cleaners, it doesn’t have problems with stairs.


The machine cleans both walls and floors. With its energy-efficient technology, it uses very little power. Also, it works separately from the pool’s filtration system, allowing it to reduce filter backwash frequency to save your time and money.

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  • Smart steering system
  • Great cleaning for stairs
  • The easy filter cartridge access


  • Not so efficient for walls

7.Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum

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Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum

Are you searching for the fastest pool swimming pool cleaner? The Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum is ready for you! Quick cleaning is its number one feature. It can clean your pools in only 90 minutes, which is very fast than other of the pool cleaners.

The unit features an easy-clean cartridge system, which means you won’t need to spend much of your time cleaning this robotic pool cleaner. Plus, with its single-button press operation, you will not have to pay much on its setup.

It is built with an efficient 24-volt motor designed to use less energy. Don’t lose a chance to purchase this fast 90 minutes pool cleaning machine!

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  • 90-minutes cleaning cycle
  • Easy cartridge cleaning
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

8.Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner

Looking for an affordable robotic pool cleaner? Consider Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner. The unit costs half or less of what you’d served on other models. It is an excellent device for vinyl pools. It has oversized wheels that let it cross the obstacles of garbage’s over the pool.

Manufactures say that it can clean 5400 sq. Ft. in just a single hour. Its jet-propelled system cleans the floor and slopes efficiently. Also, it removes large dirty particles too small as 2 microns with its easy to clean resuable19-quart micro filter bag.

Another great feature, it has a guidance system that makes it smart to set and clean the floor of different shape pools.


  • Very affordable
  • Great for vinyl pools


Which Robotic Pool Cleaner is best for you?

If you desire to get a high value on your next purchase, it is a great decision to take a moment and think about the best product for you. If you don’t like the functionality of your pool cleaner, you didn’t earn a benefit on your purchase; don’t take these things seriously.

All you should focus on the type of cleaning your pool cleaner can do. Consider the types of garbage and size of your pool, and examine the level of cleaning that would make you most delighted with your purchase. Create a list of those pool cleaners that reaches those requirements.

When you are done with that, it is now a good idea to select the cheapest model from that list. So, in this way, you’ll hopefully find the best robotic pool cleaner for you.


The bottom line:

If you have a swimming pool, then why not a Robotic pool cleaner? After all, it cleans all of the garbage and debris and makes your pool clean and better. You should look into one of the pool cleaners to reduce your efforts in cleaning the pools with your self-help. What’s more, if you run a public swimming pool club, then you require a machine that can reduce all of your efforts.

However, you must look into the best pool cleaners to get better cleaning results. Look and research the product, and finalize the best for you.

Also, if you don’t know how to clean your pool filter, here’s the best guide for you!: How To Clean Robotic Pool Filter

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