Best Wine Coolers and Refrigerators

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Best Wine Coolers and Refrigerators 2020:

Wine lovers surely dream of a device that cools their drink in lesser time. Although refrigerators can do the job in the same way, there are a lot of reasons why you need a wine cooler at your home. Wine coolers are a cooling device that holds lots of your wine bottles safely and appropriately and cools them in a short time.

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It is worth having a wine cooler if you take it daily or organize parties at home.

What makes Wine refrigerators different from regular Refrigerators?

It’s no doubt a valid question that if you have a large refrigerator, then why do you need another device for the same purpose?

Well, a Best Wines cooler works on an ideal temperature range than a regular refrigerator because wine shouldn’t be stored as cold as other beverages. So, with inappropriate temperature, your wine may lose its taste, which you don’t expect.

The wines stored in the wine refrigerators are safer than in the typical refrigerators. They keep holders and other standard storage areas where you can put each of your glass bottles properly.


The other typical benefits of wine coolers are that you will not need to adjust space in your refrigerators, or have to move to your kitchen to grab a bottle of wine, all you need is to open the door and pick your most favorite wine simply.

Kalamera 24
Ivation 31-Bottle 15
Whynter 20 Bottle
EdgeStar Wine Cooler
Edgestar 332 Bottle
Kalamera 15
Koldfront Stainless Steel

Top 10 Best Wine Coolers and Refrigerators 2020

There are so many different types of wine coolers available in the market. Instead of just cooling your favorite wine, every product includes a very new and best feature in them. For that, we have sorted out the list so you can quickly check and chose the best product for you.

1.Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

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Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

The passionate wine drinkers will surely love this large, freestanding wine refrigerator. It allows 46 wine bottles, oh yeas, so many bottles so you can store a variety of different wines with perfect pair. It features a triple-layered glass door, which makes the bottles visible without losing the chill.

The Kalamera wine refrigerator has dual zones so that you can store both white and red wines at their ideal temperature. If the power goes off, this cooler remembers your custom temperature settings, so you will not need to reset it. This incredible device works quietly with low vibration. Also, its wine sediment will not be disturbed in the storage.

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Its dual-zone thermostat is all set to reach from 40°F-50°F (Upper zone), 50°F-66°F (Lower area) This is simply a masterpiece product in the market today.

The Kalamera Wine cooler isn’t only a great machine to cool your wine, but it also has a superb black and stainless design.

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2.Ivation 31-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

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Ivation 31-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

Ivation is a trusted name in the market of home appliances; the company offers a wide range of smartly designed wine coolers. The one which we are talking about has a variety of 40 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit and features a durable double-panel glass door to secure a bottle from UV light.

The machine can allow up to 31 bottles in the chamber, which is a thermally insulated single-zone. It is manufactured with a reliable compressor that chills your wine quickly and efficiently.

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It has a simple to use digital LCD control panel, which is very easy to use. Luckily, this cooler is energy efficient plus very quiet; this is all possible because of its vibration canceling technology that helps reduce sediment inside your bottle. Because of its front-facing vents, you can place it wherever you want.


3.Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Wine coolers can be highly-priced, but this one from Whynter will not put weight over your pocket. It is a single-zone wine fridge, which lets it set the temperature anywhere between 46- and 65-degrees Fahrenheit.

This machine can hold around 20 standard wine bottles, plus the racks can be detached if you want to fit more substantial bottles. One of its highlighted features is its size, which is only 22 inches high; this makes it to be fit on your kitchen counter and other places easily.

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The adjustable thermostat lets you select the temperature around 46°F – 65°F. it’s all done with a soft-touch and easy to use digital control panel.

Reviewers praise its low noise functionality and its stylish mirrored door. Whynter is also our best pick as the Best Wine Coolers and Refrigerators.

4.EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Black/Stainless Steel

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EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Black/Stainless Steel

Here comes a sleek and a tall Wine cooler, which is more than just you think! Because of its smooth and slim design, it consumes very little space on the floor. You can put it into a minimal width area, even in your rooms.

This wine refrigerator has space for around 18 bottles. It has a temperature range of 40-65º F, which is controlled through a digital temperature control system.

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Its front-facing vent system makes it possible to be used as an under-counter fridge. It also has an easy to use digital temperature display, LED lighting, six slide-out metal racks, and an integrated lock system.

A bonus part, it features a carbon filter that removes impurities from a fluid using absorption.

5.Edgestar 332 Bottle Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cellar

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Edgestar 332 Bottle Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cellar

Do you want a large wine refrigerator? You are at the right place! This wine cooler has two separate units, which lets you install them next to each other. You can also use them separately.

Purchasing the pair will save your money over buying them separately. Also, you can get very much extra space with both. Both units can hold 332 bottles, and they can be used either as standalone units, or they can be built-in. Its tinted glass doors have a security lock, so only authorized persons can open the fridge.

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The temperature control keeps a LED display, which makes it easy for you to set your desired temperature on each unit. Its shelves are manufactured from the wire with wood trim. Also, the doors have hinges on the right. However, you can adjust the look by reversing one of the two doors using the information in the manual. This is one of our most expensive and best wine coolers and refrigerators in the market.

6.Kalamera 15” 30-Bottle Wine Cooler Buy on Amazon

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Kalamera 15” 30-Bottle Wine Cooler Buy on Amazon

This Kalamera wine refrigerator can hold 30 bottles, which are excellent for a large party. It can be stored under a kitchen counter, or you can use it as a freestanding unit, providing you a variety of options for placement.

It has a double-layered tempered glass door that can hold the chill while you can still see the bottles, plus it doesn’t’ fog from condensation.

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Well, this is a single-zone refrigerator. However, the temperature can be set for white and red wine, from around 40 – 66 degrees. Also, if the power fails, the refrigerator remembers the setting, so the wine will always be at your proper desired temperature.

7.Koldfront 24-Bottle Freestanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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Koldfront 24-Bottle Freestanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This wine refrigerator is perfect for you if you want to display your red and white wines equally with style. It can hold 24 bottles, the 12 in the upper zone, and 12 in the lower area, along the digital touch-pad control situated between the two.

The most exciting part of this refrigerator is that the upper zone can be set for 54 – 66 degrees, while the lower portion can be set for 46 – 66 degrees. Isn’t that cool?

The cabinet color is black, with stainless steel trim on the door. This device spreads an elegant and modern look, which is perfect for display. A safety lock is added in this refrigerator that secure your wine, also with an internal LED and tempered glass door you can easily see your wine without opening. You can turn off the LED with a control panel. Koldfront has also managed to make its way, to the Best Wine Coolers and Refrigerators.

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This wine refrigerator is manufactured for freestanding use, and the door requires to sway 180 degrees if you want to remove and replace the shelving.

Things to consider in a Wine Refrigerator: Buyer’s Guide

Although you usually think that wine coolers are the machines that cool your wines, however, they are more than just that. A wine refrigerator has significant features that make it an essential item to purchase. Every device in our list differentiates between each other in terms of size, number of bottles, temperatures, and so forth.

Therefore, you should look into the essential things in each of the wine refrigerators so you can get the product that fits into all of your requirements.

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Bottle capacity

Do you want a refrigerator that can hold vast quantities of bottles? Or just want one that is enough for your small family? The bottle capacity of a wine cooler matters a loss. It’s you who knows how many bottles you are going to fit into the machine. To clarify this, simply think for how many people and for what purpose you are going to purchase a particular product? Either you want it for a large number of people or just for your small family. If you ignore this, you may get several problems in the future regarding the product.

Single or dual portions

Single-zone or single portion refrigerators are those who prefer red or white wines. For those who like both types of wines, we prefer them to choose the dual zones refrigerators. Let us explain why.

Well, there’s no curiosity between single or dual zone refrigerators; they all differ in terms of types of wine you want to place in them. For example, if you like only a single type of wine, you can put them in any variety of refrigerators, while you love both white or red wine, then the dual-zone can help you manage two kinds of wines easily.

Size of the refrigerator

The size of the wine refrigerator affects both the number of bottles and the place where you store it. However, the bottle capacity is not a thing to consider with the size of the refrigerator, but when it comes to the location, then you must look into this.

If you have enough space in your home, then you shouldn’t be worried about this matter; however, if you want to use the wine refrigerator at the office, small kitchens, then you need to look into the size before purchasing it.

Locks and Alarms

If you have a concern about the safety of your wines, you should look into the security feature of a wine refrigerator. Some of the wine refrigerator in our list provides a lock system so nobody except you can open and use the wines inside it. One of the reasons why you should purchase secure refrigerators is to avoid kids reaching towards the wines. Also, if you are running a wine shop, then a wine refrigerator with locks and alarms will help you to protect your items from getting stolen or misused.


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