A Guide to Smart Bedroom

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August 25, 2020
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Smart Bedroom Guide 2020

The Smart Bedroom is simply a bedroom with easy access and multi-functioned technology. It is a way to make your life even easier by letting the smart bedroom accessories control almost everything you want. What’s more, you don’t have to leave your bed or place for your doors, bulbs, fans, and other stuff. All in simple words, a guide to smart bedroom system consists of almost everything that you need to experience the future at your home.


Smart Bedroom Ideas Guide 2020

A smart bedroom must have the modern and internet or Bluetooth supported devices in order to run through your phone. Here’s everything you need to build your very own smart and modern bedroom.

Yale Assure Lever
Philips Hue
TCL 65"
Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
LaMetric Time
Fitbit Charge 4
Smart Cervical Pillow
Amazon Smart Plug

Smart Bedroom Lock

When you are about to build a smart bedroom, then almost every one of its gadgets must be smart enough. That is, a lock must be smart enough to get controlled by your smartphone.

Yale Assure Lever (YRL256) – Best Smart Bedroom Lock

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Smart locks for bedroom doors make it easy for you to open/close the door using your smartphone. 

This smart bedroom door lock packs the hardware security of yale with the best. It connects with the Wi-Fi network using the connecting bridge, and allows you to handle the lock and manage access code remotely. This bedroom smart lock is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, HomeKiet, and lots of other smart-gear platforms.

No keys are required, simply touch the quite buttons and it will let you enter in your smart bedroom.

Don’t miss this amazing Bedroom door smart lock for your smart bedroom.

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Smart bedroom lighting

The smart bedroom light bulbs provide a bright and easy to setup experience with the touch of your smartphone. You can do more with a smart bulb than any other traditional. That is, you can even adjust the brightness of the bulb and can do lots of more with it.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance

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Philip Hue comes with two or four dimmable colored bulbs and a hub. It works with Amazon Alexa so you can easily control it with your voice. The bulb gives you dimming, shades of white, and color settings through your voice commands.

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Got bored of few colors? don’t worry, this smart bulb by Philips will let you choose from 16 million colors. Also, you can connect it with your TV, Music, and games for a great effect.

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Smart TV for Bedroom

The best TV is one that provides more than a sharp picture and sound. New smart TVs offer a large number of apps, free online content, high-quality features at affordable prices that meet your budget.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV R625

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Among different brands, we found TCL to be worth to purchase smart TV for bedroom at an affordable price.

TCL brings a QLED color technology that provides outstanding brightness and a range of color volume. It has smart functionality that offers access to thousands of streaming channels providing more than 500,000 movies plus TV episodes using Roku TV.

Enjoy 4k Ultra HD picture with contrast, color and fine detail of Dolby Vision high dynamic range for best picture

Out of many features, one of its best we liked is its Auto game mode that automatically enhances performance by giving the smoothest action, lowest latency, and the outstanding picture settings for gaming.

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People usually ask questions regarding Smart TV’s, and that is:

Is it possible to set hours of operation on smart TVs for kids’ bedrooms?

The answer is simply YES! parents can easily set hours of operations and time limits on smart TVs for their kids.


Smart Speakers for Bedroom

Smart speakers are the number one requirement for not only smart bedrooms but also for the smart home, smart office, smart kitchen, and the entire smart life series.

There are a bunch of smart devices in the market and there’s a huge competition between each of them. There are Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, and lots of others.

The purpose of all these smart speakers are simply the same, you have to speak on your voice, and the speaker will perform your requested action and respond you the result. but in some manner, each product differs from each other, i.e. in terms of their Voice Assistant, Quality, Price, etc.

Here’s the best Smart Speaker you can purchase for your Smart Bedroom.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

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Amazon is considered to be a manufacturer of the best smart speakers in the world. This 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot has a fine look and seems better than previous versions. It’s quite affordable and still provides the same digital assistant that another expensive Echo.

Control your alarm, smart doors, Philips bulb, or know the time, weather, or recipes using this smart speaker.

Buy Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Also check: Learn To Make Your Home Smart Using Amazon Alexa

Smart LED clock Display

A smart clock is a basic item that you need in your room. such clocks are not as the typical wall or digital clocks, as they provide not only the time but also several of the other important information like weather, temperature, world time, etc.

Here’s a cool smart clock we’ve got for you!

LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock for Smart Home

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This smart clock provides a matrix look which is simply cool. It tracks weather, emails, events, tweets, news, deadlines, and other useful information. What’s more, it also shows you custom messages with thousands of pictograms.

That’s simply great, you are not only viewing your time, but also getting notification from your twitter, email accounts, weathers, and so forth.


LaMetric can give you notifications from Sonos, Bosch, Netatmo, WeMo in a click.

Being a smart clock, it must be controlled with smart assistants, and it does this job very easily. That is, this smart clock can be controlled through Amazon Echo or Google Assistant using your voice commands.

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SleepPhones – Get the best Sleep

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Are you having trouble sleeping due to background noise? Is your TV voice making disturbing your partner? Or maybe you just want to neglect the background noise to hear your favorite music or television show without other noises.

No matter how much interruptions are there, SleepPhones are made to help you get better sleep and relaxation through soothing sounds to let you fall asleep faster and remain in a state of deep sleep. Definitely, they are multi-functional and ready to work with your favorite music.

So, purchasing SleepPhones would be a worthy option to enjoy any type of music, white noise, audiobooks, and many other types of music.

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Fitbit Alta HR

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Your guide to smart bedroom is no smarter if there’s nothing to make yourself healthy and active. Fitbit Alta HR is all set to provide you the best Health features while you are relaxing in your bed. It offers you the following Healthy features.

PurePulse Heart Rate: Get simultaneous. wrist-based heart rate tracking & easy heart rate zones.

SmartTrack: This feature automatically recognizes the selected activities and saves them in the exercise section of the Fitbit app.


Smart Notifications: FitBit watch also notifies you about the alerts and other important notifications.

It provides a number of other health features that will make you surprised!

Buy Fitbit Ala HR Activity Tracker

Smart pillow

Can a pillow be smart as well? Of course, why not?

Like there are smart lights, AC, Clock, just like that everything today is becoming smarter and making our lives better.

COTTON SHOWER Adjustable Smart Cervical Pillow

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This is a great contour pillow that provides you a soft feel and gives neck support and helps restore the natural curve and alignment of your neck. It is great for relieving back and neck pain.

It has a special front and back design and is ideal for back and side sleepers. No worry about your sleeping position, this pillow can help you gain quality sleep.

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The cotton material is Eco friendly and protects from dust allergies as 99% impurities are removed with white clay technology, which is implemented in skincare products. The pillow is safe for babies, kids, and allergic peoples.

Buy Cotton Shower Smart Pillow

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs make it quite easy for us to handle our boring stuff smartly. You can easily switch on/off and do other tasks with the touch of your smartphone.

Amazon Smart Plug

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Amazon smart plug helps you to control itself through the Alexa and makes a perfect guide to smart bedroom. It is very easy to set up within 5 minutes if time. Simply plug it in, open the Alexa app, and access it using your voice.

This amazon smart plug is certified for humans, that is you don’t need to struggle for it. It is tinker-free, stress-free and no time needed to set it up.

Not only you can turn on and off it, but can also schedule lights, fans, and other appliances. Also, you can control them remotely when you are out of your home.

There’s no smart home hub needed to make it work, all you need is the Alexa app, that’s it!

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The Bottom Line

We hope you’ll agree with this statement:

A guide to Smart bedroom is non-other than a luxurious way to live in your room!

Thus, using all of these smart devices, appliances, you can easily create your very own smart room. What’s more, it’s not so expensive to design a smart bedroom, all you need is to have a keen passion in it, and spend one time in your life and live your rest of the life peacefully in the smart bedroom.

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